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SB Components is one of the modern tech-companies that have been critically acclaimed by many tech-magazines, newspapers, and leading tech reviewers. SB Components invest heavily in enhancing the quality of their service to raise the efficiency of their products that made them the Best Raspberry PI Development Services in the UK. They have new projects down the line like RFID HAT, PiArm (Robotic Arm), PiMecha (Humanoid Robot), PiTalk (Modular Smartphone), LapPi (DIY Laptop), PiTraffic, PiRelay, PiCube, and many more technologies that are not only advanced but powerful also. 

History of SB Components 

SB Components is a United Kingdom-based company that started their journey in 2012 by designing and manufacturing the tough cases for single board computers and microcontroller boards. SB Components developed one of the toughest and quality cases purchased by more than 700,000 customers that enhanced the reach of the SB Components to more customers. Now the management of SB Component expanded its units also and started the research and development department. The Raspberry Pi device became far more popular than expected by the foundation. SB Components assist in setting up the LAB in schools, colleges to provide the best environment for the students to learn to program. In the service, SB Components executives take care of designing the premise as per the number of students to give them the best interactive experience with Raspberry Pi.

Hire the best Raspberry Pi developers in the UK

Raspberry Pi foundation made the device Raspberry Pi with a high level of limits. One of the problems that come with the people that they do not have an understanding, is the potential of the Raspberry Pi. It becomes tough for a person to expand the potential of the Raspberry Pi without any knowledge of the programming. Numerous people are looking to hire the best Raspberry Pi developers in the UK.

The Raspberry Pi organization changed the market by its revolutionary product Raspberry Pi single-board computer. It is a series of single-board computers that are developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation. If we look at the history of the Raspberry Pi device, then it was originally made to provide the knowledge of programming to the children in the developing countries but then it worked outside their target audience also.  Many tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, programmers, etc. ordered the Raspberry Pi device because of the high power in the compact size. The Raspberry foundation sold almost thirty million boards that made this organization one of the best British selling boards. 

One can Hire Raspberry Pi Developers in England, London, UK (United Kingdom) to serve their needs for the development of technology. SB Components is one of the advanced tech-companies in the market of the United Kingdom that came up with modern technology for the Add ons or HAT(Hardware Attached on Top). SB Components has a team of experts that have knowledge of the device Raspberry Pi that enhances the quality of the task. One can choose SB Components to convert their ideas into reality on the Raspberry Pi.

Best Raspberry Pi development services in the UK

The vision of SB Components is not only to provide the advanced top-notch products but also provide the knowledge from the basics to the children in developing nations. SB Components is pursuing this aim by providing STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education to schools and universities with training developed for students. SB Components is the official sponsor of Pi Wars that is one of the biggest tech competitions for tech enthusiasts of Raspberry Pi. SB Components sponsors the winner to enhance their capability. It increases the interest of the children towards programming that makes them curious about building new programs and technology. 

There are some products developed by SB Components that are one of the best products with high demands in the market. There are few names that SB Components introduced in the market like PiTraffic, PiRelay, PiCube, PiTalk, PiMecha, PiArm, Motor Shield, and other power technologies that are a hit in the community of tech enthusiasts. SB Components focussed on providing insightful skill development knowledge to the people by taking care of all the guidelines of STEM. They have similar projects which are ready to use out in the market. All of their products are high in demand and they complete all their projects with enough testing to make the experience of the customers better.  

SB Component has one of the finest and dedicated employees who are entitled to praise for the success of this company. The team of SB Components works on new ideas and execution plans to enhance the quality of their products that revolutionize the tech-enthusiast market. It all helped SB Components to build the customer base that leads them to receive the patent approval for an Industrial level product.

Advanced Raspberry Pi projects developed by SB Components 

SB Components has revolutionized the market of tech enthusiasts with their advanced products and services. The development department of SB Components focussed on dedicated creating new products for the market. There is a research team in SB Components that also study the problems of the users in the market and develop products according to their need. There are few products in the list of the advanced products of  SB Components that are following

  • PiTalk Modular Smartphone - SB Components developed the first ever modular and IoT enabled smartphone to be developed for all the variants of Raspberry Pi. PiTalk comes packed with a 3G module for the blazing fast voice and data communication. PiTalk GUI developed with 3.2", 4" and 5" LCD screens that provide a better experience of using PiTalk. It also supports audio calls that make a person utilize PiTalk as a phone. 
  • PiMecha Humanoid Robot - Many tech enthusiasts have the dream to make a humanoid robot that they can control efficiently. PiMecha is one of the advanced miniature humanoid robots that is developed for all the variants of Raspberry Pi that moves from the precise smart bus servo motors. PiMecha has a high demand in the market because of its versatile working that one can upgrade with the customization with various parts like cameras and sensors. The user can attach their components, as per their need of the task, ranging from a simple ultrasonic sensor, camera, LCD screen to a frightening laser to scare off unwanted intruders. The open code source is available for the secondary development of the PiMecha.
  • PiArm Robotic Arm - PiArm runs on all the 6 axis, that can be used for pick and place, detect objects, sense motions, or anything in its area with any given orientation that is manageable with programming or without programming (utilizing the inbuilt libraries). It helps the people to understand the programming of the Raspberry Pi in it. Raspberry Pi works as a brain for the PiArm that makes a person understand the methods for programming to run the PiArm efficiently. PiArm is also easy to assemble that can be controlled by multiple contrivances like a laptop, smartphones, wireless joystick, and touch screen to give you more room towards the illimitable opportunities.
  • LapPi compatible computer - Numerous individuals use laptops for work, social media, entertainment, etc. but most of them do not have the idea about the working process of laptops. SB Components developed LapPi to provide full functionality of a desktop computer in a versatile, hand-held device complete with all the ports, processing powers, and programs need to operate at full capacity. It is developed to run on all the variants of Raspberry Pi that increase its demand in the market. This kit comes with a 5" LCD touchscreen, a wireless keyboard with touch-pad, an 8Ω 5W speaker set, an acrylic sheet case, Li-Ion rechargeable power bank, Raspberry Pi and 4 Mega shields - PiTraffic, PiCube, PiRelay, and PiTalk Shield.

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