Get Tough Protection for your Raspberry Pi with Elegant and Innovative Cases

Get Tough Protection for your Raspberry Pi with Elegant and Innovative Cases

At the present time, Raspberry Pi has made its space in the heart of enthusiasts, hobbyists and programmers, as it is perfect for all those projects where more processing power is not required and saving space and keeping costs low is a goal.  Along with this, it is also used for various real life applications. While buying Raspberry Pi, people often forget the importance of its safety or handling that holds equal importance to make things work proper. Among all available items in the market for Pi, one that is most essential is a protective case for that.

 SB Components : A Leading Supplier of Protective Cases

 In the UK, no other supplier can match the quality of protective cases offered by SB Components Ltd to its valued customers. We believe in providing modish, functional and robust cases that will surely provide firm protection to your Raspberry Pi. With our company, you will find a vast range of cases in a variety of designs and colors .you can choose according to your need. Below are some products that are available at our website.

Raspberry Pi cases are inexpensive and an ideal way to provide safety for your little computer from tiny fingers, dust and paws. Along with this, these are also best to safeguard your Pi from the harsh elements in some situations. Let’s explore the different types of cases of Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller boards available in the market:

Raspberry Pi 2/3/3B+/Zero/A case

These cases are designed especially for all models of Raspberry Pi, not only offer a protection to it from dust, but also make it chic and classy. These cases are available in open and closed format and mountable on any surface. With Sb components Ltd you will get an option to choose your own color, get your name printed on it and even customization option.

Raspberry Pi 3 case with ON switch

This case by SB Components provides an easy way to switch on and reset your Raspberry Pi 3 by simply pressing ON switch that is inbuilt into this case however this was missing in traditional cases. It means that this case removes the hassle of removing power cable and the best part is that it is compatible with all operating systems because it does not depend on any software.

Raspberry Pi camera case

The case is especially meant for the Raspberry Pi Camera for providing them robust protection from all the corners and allows the users to access to the connectors. It is made with high quality ABS material and injection-mould procedure that gives the case strength & keeps your Raspberry Pi Camera at its position.

Raspberry Pi LCD case

Get protection for both of your Raspberry Pi and LCD screen with this case that is exclusively designed for this purpose. This case is available in three parts and encloses your LCD and Raspberry Pi together firmly in place. By using this case, the users will get an access to Raspberry Pi and 3.2" TFT LCD screen.

However, you will find various suppliers that offer these cases, but you need to find one that only sells the best quality cases to the customers. That is where SB Components  takes and edge over its competitors. Cases from SB Components are aesthetically designed and made with High quality granules to give it strength and premium look.

Beaglebone Cases

One of the perfect options to provide quality care to your Beaglebone and these are available in an elegant and attractive look. With this two-piece injection moulded enclosure made of ABS, your Beaglebone will get a tough protection and you can easily access the connectors on the board. Its reset keys allow the users to reset their Beaglebone without opening it whenever required.

Arduino Case (UNO/YUN/MEGA)

The protective cases for Arduino(UNO/YUN/MEGA) are available in a two piece ABS enclosure that offers a strong protection to Arduino by gripping it from all the corners. These cases also have an integrated button with which you can Restart the Arduino.

It has secondary crew mounting points that will not let Arduino to displace from its position and you can use the reset key with reset button as well as you can access all the connectors of Arduino.

Banana Pi case

Give defense to your tiny computer, Banana Pi with the help of this case that keep it safe from rogue wires and provide the complete access to the board. This also consists slots to access USB ports, IR, peripheral header, HDMI, video, audio, and SD cards. Along with this, you will find feets and vents that are provided to make sure that the board is getting proper cooling. Wall-mounting slots in a plus-shaped are also available.

Micro:Bit case

The compact and portable protective case offers safety and security to your BBC micro:bit while keeping it in a perfect condition. This can be stood out on a desk neatly and you will get large and easy to read labels for the A and B button. The users can access bottom pins completely on the BBC micro:bit for using the edge connector breakout board.

Whats more, visit our website today and explore our catalogue to view all the cases and other products such as boards, screens, camera, HAT’s/shields, accessories and many more. Whatever you want to buy, just place an online order for that and get a delivery of product at your doorstep.

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