Introduction Of SPi Box and Its Features

Introduction Of SPi Box and Its Features


Securing your home by installing the security cameras comes with some non-pocket friendly cost. What if something that doesn’t burns your pocket and performs the same functions? There comes SPi Box, a motion detecting camera that captures images and records videos enabling the features of a security camera.

Designed as a cheap security system, the features that make up the kit are quite standard: a PIR motion detector, a specialised case for the whole setup, and even a custom version of Raspbian with software for sending security alerts.


SPi box compiles all the related components together and their assembly is dead simple. The case splits in two and the Raspberry Pi clips into the bottom part, with full access to all the major ports around the edges. The PIR and Pi Camera can be screwed to the lid, while a set of three wires is used to connect the PIR directly to the GPIO ports. Pop in the supplied SD card and you’re all ready to get started.

The case has pretty standard mounting holes on the back for fitting over a couple of screws attached to the wall. You’ll need to set up the emailing system on the device, accessed through the config files on the SD card, which you can probably do from another computer; however, all it then needs is a WiFi dongle and power to do its job.

As the code is written in Python, it’s quite simple to modify if you need to tweak the sensitivity, or the way it captures photos or video. If you need a simple surveillance camera, SPi box comes handy. It also lets you raise a burglar alarm in case of any emergency. All can be done through this simple kit.


  • Motion detection
  • Image capture
  • Record video
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use.

Best place to buy

SB Components is the right place to buy the SPi box kit at a reasonable price. They even provide online sample programming code for the set up.

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£4.99 GBP £3.49 GBP
£4.99 GBP £3.49 GBP