Safeguard your Arduino with elegant and innovative cases

Safeguard your Arduino with elegant and innovative cases

Today, it has become easier for the designers, hackers, artists, hobbyists and newbie to create interactive objects or environments that was previously not. It is due to the availability of Arduino, an open source platform that consists physical programmable circuit board (microcontroller), a piece of software or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that allows writing and uploading computer code on the physical board and easily runs on computer. It has the ability to interact with LEDs, cameras, speakers, the internet, buttons, motors, GPS units, and even with TV and smart-phone.

Audrino Cases

How can you keep Arduino safe?

Most of the electronic projects that range from robots to honest fortune-telling machines and even Dungeons and Dragons dice-throwing gauntlet are done by using the Arduino as a brain. So, recently you have bought an Arduino board for your project? Obviously, the more hobbyists you will be, the more safety you might want for your board. Well, you need a case for it that will protect your Arduino from dirt and filth.

Best place to buy Arduino case

Are you going to start your project in the UK and finding the best company to buy a case? Just turn your head towards SB Components, a reputed company that manufactures the world class quality Arduino cases and offers them at a highly competitive price. Since our establishment, we have been providing functional, elegant and robust cases and all are manufactured by our wide experienced designers. Now, let’s take a quick glance at some of the best cases that are available in our stock and not limited to:

Arduino Leonardo Clear Case

This protective case is particularly meant for the Arduino Leonardo and available with an elegant and innovative look.

Audrino clear cases


•    This two-piece case made with the ABS material by using an injection molded process that offers the strongest protection to the Arduino Leonardo

•    It allows access to all the connectors of Arduino to the users

•    It consists integrated power switch for the Arduino

•    It comprises a reset key that is used with the Uno’s reset button

•    For providing solid protection, it has secondary screw mounting points

Arduino Genuino Clear Case

One of the best protective cases that is created to guard the Arduino Genuino and surround it from all sides.


•    This two-piece injection moulded ABS enclosure offers the access to the connectors of Arduino

•    An integrated power switch is provided for the Arduino

•    It contains a reset key that will be used with the reset button of UNO.

•    Protects your Arduino with secondary screw-mounting points that are provided in this case

Arduino UNO Clear Case

This protective case is made to provide safety to your Arduino UNO while giving it a stylish and modern appearance.


•    This two-piece injection moulded enclosure is designed by using ABS material that holds the Arduino tightly

•    The users can easily access to the connectors on the board

•    It includes light pipes that are available for the LEDs of boards

•    It has a reset key with which users can reset their UNO without opening the case

Arduino Mega Clear Case

This superb protective case is specially designed for the Arduino Mega for providing it an outstanding protection.


•    It has an innovative, integrated button for the power switch of a board

•    It offers access to all R3 connectors of Arduino Mega

•    Injection moulded process is used to create this two-piece ABS enclosure

•    Available with snap-fit mounting points for the board

Arduino Yun Clear Case

This protective case keeps your Arduino Yun safe by providing it tough protection from all types of accidental damage.


•    Secures the Arduino in two-piece injection moulded enclosure

•    Makes it easy for the users to access all the connectors

•    A reset key is provided to use with the reset button of Yun

•    Additional security is offered by secondary screw-mounting points

•    Available with wall-mounting points

Arduino Zero Clear Case

This protective case provides an outstanding and magnificent look to your Arduino Zero while offering it full protection.


•    Grips the Arduino Zero decisively in two-piece injection moulded area

•    One can access the connectors of Arduino Zero without any trouble

•    Extra safety with secondary screw-mounting points

•    Reset key is available to use with Zero’s reset button

The list of Arduino cases does not end here as you will find many more cases on our website. All you need to do is to visit our website to buy Arduino accessories online after choosing from a lot of options. What’s more, browse our online store and place your order today.

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