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Pi:Traffic Light Shield for Raspberry Pi 3

PiTraffic Educational Traffic Light Add-on Shield HAT for Raspberry Pi The PiTraffic is a low cost hardware Shield designed to allow Raspberry Pi users to take their first steps into interfacing with the real world. Designed with the learning in mind, everyone will recognise and identify its familiar elements encouraging their use along-side their own projects. The PiTraffic is designed...

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 SPI-Box This is the first case designed by SB Components to mount the Raspberry Pi 3 or 2 (or B+) along with a Raspberry Pi camera module v2 and a PIR module; all the elements you need to set up a PIR-based security camera system.


SPi-Box Here you'll find links to all the currently available resources for the SPi-Box.   Manual   Code and Config   Download SpiBox Image Re-installing the SPi-Box scripts on your Raspberry Pi Note: These steps are only necessary if you have not got a pre-loaded SPi-Box microSD card from SB Components or if you need to reformat your microSD card...

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