WS2812B board for BBC micro:bit - PPMB00100-micro:pixel 4x8

WS2812B board for BBC micro:bit - PPMB00100-micro:pixel 4x8

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Love your micro:bit but wish it had a splash of color? Well, with this nifty add-on you have 32 individually controllable RGB WS2812B (NeoPixel) LEDs in a well proportioned 4x8 grid.

The WS2812B LEDs are also known as NeoPixels, which is Adafruits Trademark name for them. As such, they use the NeoPixel library in TouchDevelop, etc.

The micro:pixel comes fully assembled with an edge connector, simply plug your micro:bit in and get coding! We have a link in the Example Code Section to the code we have been using to play with them!

By default, the micro:pixel uses Pin0 as the LED data pin as this is the default value for the touch develops the neopixel library. If you wish to use another pin in Micropython or Java then we have designed in a handy solder jumper on the board, simply cut the thin track using a craft knife and solder between the other pads this will enable pin 8 as the data pin for the LEDs and free up pin 0.