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New micro:bit v2New BBC micro:bit v2
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Micro:bit Single BoardMicro:bit Single Board
BBC Micro:bit Single Board
£13.50 GBP £15 GBP
Protective Black Case for BBC Micro:bit
Protective Clear Case for BBC Micro:bitProtective Clear Case for BBC Micro:bit
BBC micro:bit Breadboard Adaptermicro:bit breadboard adapter - SB Components
Edge Breakout for Micro:bitEdge Breakout for Micro:bit
Mini Piano Module for Micro:bitMini Piano Module for Micro:bit
Micro:bit Smart Science IoT KitMicro:bit Smart Science IoT Kit
Micro:bit Smart Home KitMicro:bit Smart Home Kit
Bulldozer Add On for the :MOVE MiniBulldozer Add On for the :MOVE Mini
Micro:bit Tinker KitMicro:bit Tinker Kit
Save 19%
Tipper Trailer Add-On For The :MOVE MiniTipper Trailer Add-On For The :MOVE Mini
Bumper Add-On For The :MOVE MiniBumper Add-On For The :MOVE Mini
Servo:Lite Board for the Micro:BitServo:Lite Board for the Micro:Bit
Prototyping System for the Micro:bitPrototyping System for the Micro:bit
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Micro:bit BBC Gamepad Expansion BoardMicro:bit BBC Gamepad Expansion Board
Save 46%
2xAAA Battery Cage with JST Connector
Save 33%
Micro:bit Protective Case Mini Size Storage CaseMicro:bit Protective Case Mini Size Storage Case

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