Raspberry Pi Pico HAT Expansion

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Raspberry Pi Pico HAT Expansion is an input/output expansion board designed for the Raspberry Pi Pico, which provides one set of 2x20 pin headers in the form of a Raspberry Pi Header along with one set of 2 x 20 pin. It means that one can plug any HAT designed for Raspberry Pi with the Raspberry Pi Pico via the Raspberry Pi Pico HAT Expansion that would make the user perform the advanced functions on it.

Raspberry Pi Pico HAT Expansion has the space on its board for any HAT. One can plug Raspberry Pi Pico and a HAT by directly putting it on the Raspberry Pi Pico HAT Expansion that has the power pins for the connection. Raspberry Pi Pico HAT Expansion is a board on which, clear and descriptive pin labels make the process easier for the user.
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https://learn.sb-components.co.uk/Pico-HAT-ExpansionRaspberry Pi Pico HAT Expansion

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  • 1x Pico HAT Expansion

Note: No Raspberry Pi Pico Board Included

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