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LapPi: 7" DIY Laptop Kit

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  • LapPi gives you the full functionality of a desktop computer in a versatile, hand-held device - complete with all the ports, processing powers and programs to need to operate at full capacity.
  • LapPi is compatible with all the Raspberry Pi variants such as 4B, 3B+, 3B, 2B, B+, A+, Zero and Zero.
  • This kit comes with a 7" capacitive touchscreen, a wireless keyboard with touch-pad, an 8Ω 5W speaker set, an acrylic sheet case, Li-Ion rechargeable power bank.

7" LapPi Kit without RPi

  • LapPi is an outstanding laptop that can be assembled, built, and run by you, yourself.

    Computer vision   Access internet

  • A complete DIY gadget whose each part is completely configurable and can be used with other projects as well.

    Play movies    Connect shields

  • All the components can be inserted or removed at any point of time depending upon the usability. This brings LapPi to its unique feature of 'DIY laptop'. 


  • Easily configurable
  • Completely DIY, easy assembling
  • Acrylic sheet case
  • Battery operated
  • Equipped with a 3800mAh power bank
  • 7" LCD Capacitive touchscreen
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Compatible with all variants of Raspberry Pi
  • Easy access to all USB ports
  • Touch-enabled keyboards

LapPi features



    Find the online assembly manual on GitHub

    Box contents
    1. Instruction manual: This manual contains information about how to assemble and operate the LapPi
    2. Capacitive LCD Touch Screen: 7" LCD has 1024x600 resolution. The screens support various SBC's to give you more scope.
    3. 3800mAh Power bank: Power up your LapPi using this power bank. It is enabled with an On/Off switch and provides battery charging support.
    4. Wireless Touchpad Keyboard: The touchpad keyboard comes with an adjustable resolution. It is similar to a Laptop touchpad. It is the perfect companion for your device.
    5. Official RPi Camera: The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 has a Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor. This can be used to take high-definition video, as well as stills photographs.
    6. 8Ω 5W Speakers pair: The pair of speakers supports all your screen types. They are the best companions for your movies and audio playing.
    7. Available colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Clear: 5 color options are available for the back and bottom panels.
    8. HDMI Flat cable: This cable features flexible and easy wring. It provides a more stable transmission and is capable of dealing with a complex environment.
    9. Micro USB Cable: USB Cable - A Male to Micro B. It has a smaller connector designed to fit smaller spaces.
    10. HDMI Plug Adaptor: A straight HDMI plug.

    *Note: Raspberry Pi board is not included in this kit.

    To add additional modules to this kit, the following amounts can be adjusted with your order:

    • + £35 Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Case

    All this is inside a box that fits through 85% of mailboxes. And this will be made easier to ship with our trusted delivery partners.

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