PiMecha - 17 DoF Humanoid Robot for Raspberry Pi

PiMecha - 17 DoF Humanoid Robot for Raspberry Pi

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  • What is PiMecha?

PiMecha is a miniature Humanoid robot. Its core is a Raspberry Pi and it moves around with precise smart bus servo motors. PiMecha is versatile, upgradeable and customizable with various parts, sensors, and cameras.
The user can attach their own components, ranging from a simple ultrasonic sensor, camera, LCD screen to a frightening laser to scare off unwanted intruders.

  • What you can do with PiMecha?

With its advanced smartbus servo motors, PiMecha can execute very precise and versatile movements. With it's 17 degrees of freedom and an efficient communication shield, PiMecha is able to execute any command almost instantly.

Similar robots are available and in use but:

  • None of them come as friendly to the pocket as PiMecha. 
  • PiMecha can be easily used in STEM education, Robotic Studies, Programming, Research & Development and much more...
  • The outer metal shell is removable. You can design and attach your own shell or parts, to make it a special edition only your own.
  • Its suited for people of all ages and skill sets.
  • PiMecha solves all your problems by being easy to assemble and easy to control.
  • You can now participate in all the robotic events with a fully functioning robot but with a tenth of the cost.
  • You can have PiMecha do anything that your heart desires! 
  • Compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi, making it future proof.