PiMecha - 17 DoF Humanoid Robot with LCD+camera (Unassembled) *

PiMecha - 17 DoF Humanoid Robot with LCD+camera (Unassembled) *

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What is PiMecha?

PiMecha is a miniature Humanoid robot. Its core is the Raspberry Pi and it moves around with precise smart bus servo motors. PiMecha is versatile, upgradeable and customizable with various parts, sensors, and cameras.
This variant comes with a Raspberry Pi camera mounted at the head and a 4" LCD display screen attached to the chest.

PiMecha Features

With its advanced smart bus servo motors, PiMecha can execute very precise and versatile movements. With its 17 degrees of freedom and an efficient communication shield, PiMecha is able to execute any command almost instantly.

  • PiMecha includes one head, one main body, two arms, two legs, use 17pcs smart control Bus Servo.
  • PiMecha can do multiple movements like walking, squat, turning, side slide movements, and could dancing, fighting, or more.
  • PiMecha can feedback itself position, it is easy to programming robot motion with the free software.
  • The open source code is available for secondary development.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 3B+


Control using Wireless Joystick

The PiMecha can be controlled via a wireless joystick to give you more room towards the endless opportunities. You can take PiMecha to your robotics competitions and play with your best buddy using the joystick control and the software handling.

PiMecha Joystick

Serial Bus Servo Motor

The serial bus servo holds the base of the humanoid. They are responsible for the torque and the movements in PiMecha. It has the high-precision potentiometer and full metal gear as its key features.

Servo Motor features


    PiMecha Servo Configuration Software

    The Configuration software is designed to configure the servo motors. The servo torque, deviation, angle, temperature etc parameters can be controlled using this software. The default parameters can be updated according to the requirements anytime.

    PiMecha Configuration software

    PiMecha Control Software

    The Control software lets you control the humanoid. The PiMecha can be moved in any direction or format using this software. You can make it walk, dance, jog, or exercise or any other complex movements.

    PiMecha control software

    PiMecha Features

    • PiMecha can be used in STEM education, Robotic Studies, Programming, Research & Development and much more...
    • PiMecha Use 17 Pcs smart control Bus Servo
    • PiMecha has 270 degree and 180-degree digital bus servo.
    • It has anti-skid foot pad.
    • PiMecha comes with Li-Ion battery.
    • Completely assembled, ready to play.
    • PiMecha can do multiple movements like walking, squat, turning, side slide movements, and could dancing, fighting, or more complicated movements.

    Servo Motor Features

    • High-precision potentiometer with a new design.
    • Convenient Plug-in wire.
    • 270-degree rotation.
    • 17kg large torque.
    • Full metal gear.
    • Controllable angle: 0-270 degrees.

    PiMecha specifications

    • Width x Height: 468 x 364mm
    • Weight: 1680g (include battery and controller)
    • DOF: 17 Degree of Freedom
    • Body: 01 x head, 01 x main body, 02 x arms, 02 x legs, 17 x pcs smart control Bus Servo, 01 x camera, 01 x 4" LCD Screen.
    • Frame: 1mm aluminum alloy structure, lightweight, and high strength
    • Colors available: Red, White, Blue
    • Controlling Software: PiMecha Control
    • Debugging Software: PiMecha Config 

    PiMecha dimensions

    Servo Motor specifications

    • Full metal gear
    • Torque: 17kg large torque
    • 15 kg/cm (208 oz/in)
    • 6.6 V, 17 kg/cm (236 oz/in), 7.4 V
    • Weight: 60gm
    • Dimensions: 40x20x40.5mm
    • Working voltage: 6-8.4V
    • Current: 100mA
    • Wire: 30cm