PiTraffic - Raspberry Pi Traffic Light Shield

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PiTraffic is a low-cost Raspberry Pi HAT to make the users more connected with the real world traffic light system. It operates on the 5V input with the programmable buzzer and buttons which are connected directly to the GPIO Port. It is a set of 4 traffic lights with the colorful LED(Red, Green and Yellow). 

The PiTraffic is designed to help people get started using hardware with the Raspberry Pi by removing many of the traditional roadblocks. It's not always easy to figure out the components to use and how to attach them, but the PiTraffic makes it easy by plugging directly into pre-set positions on the Raspberry Shield Cap.PiTraffic  Raspberry pi traffic lightPiTraffic Traffic Light for Raspberry PiPiTraffic Traffic Light for Raspberry Pi FeaturesPiTraffic SpecificationsPiTraffic SpecificationsPiTraffic ApplicationsPiTraffic applicationPiTraffic HardwarePiTrafficPiTrafficPiTraffic PinoutPiTraffic Learning ResourcesSB Components WikiPiTraffic Learning ResourcesPiTraffic GitHubPiTraffic Kit Content

  • 1 x PiTraffic
  • 4 x Traffic Stand

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