128x64 Graphics LCD - Yellow

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This is a graphical LCD 128x64 pixel with a Yellow-Green LED backlight by JHD. It can display not just alphanumeric characters but also simple graphics. Great for doing neat menus and animations. It can handle 128*64 pixels and comes with a black frame. Utilizes the extremely common KS0108B parallel interface chipset. Interface code is freely available. Includes LED Backlight.


  • Model JHD12864E
  • Display: 128 x 64 Characters
  • Outline: 93.0 x 70.0 x 14.0
  • VA:        70.7 x 38.8
  • Controller:  KS0108 OR EQUIV
  • Dot: 0.48 x 0.48 mm
  • Pitch: 0.52 x 0.52 mm
  • Driver: 1/64
  • LCD STN Yellow Green
  • Backlight: Yellow Green LED

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