Raspberry Pi and Arduino compatible robot chassis with 2-motor drive system

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The MC-001 mini robot mobile platform uses 2 DC motors that provide up to 100RPM, 1.3kg.cm at 800mA. The two large plastic wheels are designed to press-fit onto the DC motors gear-box drive-shaft. They have silicone tyres and measure 60mm (2.36") in diameter. The red aluminium frame can mount up to 4 motors for future upgrades. This chassis is compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. For the Raspberry Pi, it can be used in conjunction with the SB Components’ motor-shield which can power up to 4x motors and includes connectors for IR and ultrasonic sensors

    • Size(L*W*H): 170mm*100mm*60mm
    •  Weight: 138g
    •  Drive: 2WD
    • Frame: 1.5mm aluminum alloy platform, light-weight, and high-strength
    • Motor working voltage: 4.5~6V

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