FT230XS-R - SSOP16


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The FT230XS-R is a compact USB to a basic serial UART interface device in 16 pin SSOP package. It simplifies USB implementations in a small optimized package with minimum UART signals and reduces external component count by fully integrating an MTP memory and an integrated clock circuit which requires no external crystal. It has been designed to operate efficiently with USB host controllers by using as little bandwidth as possible when compared to the total USB bandwidth available.
  • Single-chip USB to asynchronous serial data transfer interface
  • Entire USB protocol handled on the chip, no USB specific firmware programming required
  • 2048byte multi-time programmable memory, storing device descriptors and CBUS I/O configuration
  • Fully integrated clock generation with no external crystal required
  • Data transfer rates from 300baud to 3Mbaud (RS422, RS485, and RS232) at TTL levels
  • 512byte receive buffer and 512byte transmit buffer utilizing buffer smoothing technology
  • FTDI's royalty-free Virtual Com Port (VCP) and Direct (D2XX) drivers
  • Configurable CBUS I/O pins
  • Transmit and receive LED drive signals
  • UART interface support for 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits and odd/even/mark/space/no parity
  • Synchronous and asynchronous bit bang interface options with RD# and WR# strobes
  • USB Battery Charger Detection
  • Device supplied pre-programmed with unique USB serial number
  • USB Power Configurations; supports bus-powered, self-powered and bus-powered with power switching
  • Integrated +3.3V level converter for USB I/O.
  • True 3.3V CMOS drive output and TTL input
  • Configurable I/O pin output drive strength;
  • 4mA min. and 16mA max.
  • Integrated power-on-reset circuit
  • Fully integrated AVCC supply filtering - no external filtering required


Communications & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Defence, Military, Multimedia

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