PiRelay - Relay Shield for Raspberry Pi

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PiRelay provides a solution for controlling high current/voltage devices and makes your home appliances intelligent. It could be a nice solution for controlling devices that could not be directly controlled by RPi's Digital I/Os. The standardized shield form factor enables a smooth connection with Raspberry Pi and compatibles.

  • Control 4 Appliances.
  • Relay Status indicators.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+, 3, 2, Zero.
  • 40 Pin Stacking Header.
  • Control PiRelay through PiRelay Mobile App.
  • Make your home IoT enabled.

What's on Board

    • 4 - High-quality Relay and loads up to 240VAC/7A, 125VDC/10A.
    • Standardized shield shape and design.
    • LED working status indicators for each relay.
    • High-quality relays.
    • 40-Pin Stacking Header for accessing GPIO of RPi.
    • Connectivity of the Relay with Raspberry Pi without GPIO
      • Pin 2-> 5V
      • Pin 6->GND
      • Pin 7-> Relay 4
      • Pin 11->Relay 3
      • Pin 13-> Relay 2
      • Pin 15-> Relay 1
    • Connectivity using the stack method:
      • GPIO 4, GPIO 17, GPIO 27 and GPIO 22 are used for controlling Relay. But the user can remove Relay Jumper and select custom GPIO pin.
    • Relay pins - COM, NO (Normally Open), and NC (Normally Closed) are available for each relay
    • Comes with development resources, including examples in python
    • Control through PiRelay app on Andriod
    Kit Content
    • 1 x PiRelay HAT
    • 2 x stand-offs
    View Example Codes, Python Library, Instruction Manual, Schematic

    Find the PiRelay Github Repository here

    PiRelay Tutorial

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