Prong Soil Moisture Sensor for BBC Micro:bit

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Prong Soil Moisture Sensor for BBC Micro:bit

The Prong soil moisture sensor for BBC micro:bit is a sensor board that can be directly mounted to a BBC micro:bit to monitor the moisture present in soil. The two conductive tines are placed into the soil. Any water or moisture in the soil will conduct to give an analogue voltage that can be read by the BBC micro:bit.

Prong is powered from the 3V supply of the BBC micro:bit. Utilize either the USB or JST connector on the BBC micro:bit to power the circuit. Prong and the BBC micro:bit can also be powered from the Mi:Power board to engender a compact stand alone unit.

The board has been designed so that the BBC micro:bit can be bolted on utilizing 3 x M3 nuts and 3 x M3 screws. Place the screws through the P1, 3V and GND apertures of the PCB and BBC micro:bit, then utilize the M3 nuts to fasten together on the back of BBC micro:bit. Alternatively croc-clips can be acclimated to connect between the Prong and the BBC micro:bit.

In the event that utilizing the Mi:Power board, at that point also interfacing P0 implies the BBC micro:bit can sound a caution if the dirt turns out to be excessively dry.

When fitted to the Prong moisture sensor, the micro:bit can be coded via any of the micro:bit editors, such as the Microsoft MakeCode editor.

Note: To ensure that the Prong dampness sensor has a long and satisfying life, it is smarter to compose your code to play out a dampness check now and again as opposed to constantly. At the point when the check is performed consistently it advances quick disintegration of the cathodes.

  • Measure soil moisture levels.
  • Attaches directly to the micro:bit.
  • Use in conjunction with the Mi:Power board to provide power and an audible alarm.
  • Code with any micro:bit coding editor.


  • Length: 68 mm.
  • Height: 53 mm.
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6 mm.


    Kit Contents
    • 1 x Prong Soil Moisture Sensor for microbit.
    • 3 x M3 Hex Nuts.
    • 3 x M3 Countersunk Screws.

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