Raspberry Pi XBMC MEDIAPI case


Raspberry Pi XBMC MEDIAPI case

  • Vendor:SB Components
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Introducing the MEDIAPI from SB Components!

This set-top style case uses a 5v 3A power supply to power the case's integrated 4 USB ports! It re-routes all the Pi's consumer connection ports to the rear of the case where a handy power switch gives you total control without having to unplug the power cord.

For ease of access allowing you to change the operating system as and when you need the SD card is routed to the front of the case. This case is a perfect accompaniment to the amazing Raspberry Pi Model A and Model B, supporting and extending it for those users who want a consumer friendly case for their favourite ARM-powered computer.

Raspberry Pi not Included

  • 5V 3A power supply
  • 4 USB ports
  • Consumer ports re-routed to the rear of the case including power switch
  • Split audio output
  • Front-facing SD card slot
  • Designed for Raspberry Pi A and Model B
Technical Details