2021 China-US Young Maker Competition to Empower Tech-Community

2021 China-US Young Maker Competition

Hackster, an internet platform built up for the tech community dedicated to learning hardware is hosting one of the great events 2021 China-US Young Maker Competition, Isn’t that exciting!!!  If you have a project that can make you different from others then it’s your chance to get into the competition and win the prizes. 

Project Submission!

Innovative Tech-developers from the US and China are invited to this event to showcase their project. The focus of the projects should be on education, community development, environmental protection, fitness and health, transportation, energy, or the areas that cover sustainable development. If you want to submit your project or know about the competition more then click here! 


We understand the excitement that you are having for the competition and if you want to win the competition then your project should be from the above-mentioned categories. Google is sponsoring this event that would be a great opportunity for the young developers and tech-enthusiasts to enhance their reach of the projects. It is your chance to show your talent to the majority of the people. There are 21 chances for the participants to win the prizes.

  • 10 Grand Prize Winners will win a chance to win $500 gift cards and an invitation to join the finals. 
  • 11 additional possibilities to win Google prizes by submitting your project to the platform by Jul 1, 2021, at 11:59 PM PT!

Hold your Enthusiasm for Finals

After the submission of the project, a panel of judges will decide the finalists based on their projects submitted on the platforms. The top 10 winners will be invited to join the final competition( virtual). It will be organized by the China ministry of education which will be held around mid-August. The finalists have the chance to win up to $15000 for a grand prize. There are a lot more where three chances at $7500 and 6 chances at $5000. If you have the knowledge of hardware and want to create a revolution in the technology world then this competition is for you.  

Zero Restrictions on the hardware used to improve creativity 

One of the best things about this competition is that there is no restriction on the hardware used in the project. One does not have to worry about using any particular hardware. Take the advantage of the freedom to present any of your Hi-tech projects without having the stress of choosing the hardware, software, or any cloud application. There is no foundation on creativity that will welcome all projects in the competition. There are few recommendations that one can follow to build their presence in the competition. 

  • Use Open source Technologies like Tensor Flow, Tensor Flow Lite for IoT applications. 
  • Your project should be in resonance with Google AI Principles.

Judging Criteria

If you have become excited about the competition then wait!!! There is more, a panel of judges will select the 71 projects as per their criteria. Thousand dollars of prizes will be awarded to those winners. Read the criteria and rules carefully to increase your chances to win the competition. 

Stages of the China-US Young maker Competition

Stage -1 - You can submit your project as an individual or team. The top 10 US individuals will be selected by the judges to go further into the competition.

Stage 2 - Selected Teams/individuals will refine their projects that would submit their projects from From Jul 1, 2021, at 11:59 PM PT to mid-August.

Stage 3 - As per the rules and regulations, that are mentioned above, participants will be selected by our judges. 

Testimonials of previous finalists

  • "The US-China Young Maker Competition was an incredible chance to present my project to an international audience and interact with the best and brightest people in China. I met US/Chinese diplomats, students from Chinese universities, and makers from all across the United States!"- Alex Wulff (Finalist)
  • "If you have a brilliant idea, just go for it. Keep in mind that this is a big event and you need to push your limits. But in the end, you will enjoy the journey and experience something special." - Contest Finalist
  • "It was the biggest event in my life. Never thought I would present my project to so many honourable judges." - Contest Finalist



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