About us

SB Components Ltd is a specialist UK manufacturer of protective cases for single board computers and microcontroller boards. The company is a team of tech enthusiasts whose dedication and sincerity results in top-notch and class products. Our designers are experts in producing robust, functional and elegant cases that protect and augment technology platforms.

Our team of tech designers and developers have worked together to develop some outstanding and innovative products that are connected to the concept of the STEM Education. PiTraffic was our first successfully crowdfunded product which focusses on letting students learn programming concepts. Our another product, PiTalk created a revolution by being the first ever DIY designed smartphone based on Raspberry Pi. It was programmed using Python. Till date, it has been able to capture a good amount of market share. Few other Shields/HAT's to mention, based on Raspberry Pi that relates directly with the STEM Education, are PiMecha - the smart humanoid robot based on Raspberry Pi, PiCube - a 4x4x4 LED Cube, PiRelay - a relay to control your appliances, Motor Shield - run DC and stepper motors, and many more to come.

Our bestselling Raspberry Pi case (over 3,000,000 worldwide sales) is a market leader in quality affordable design. While other products of the similar category are also available in abundance. Arduino, Banana Pi, BeagleBone and Micro:Bit are few to name with a variety of product range at SB Components Ltd. Our aim is to provide high-quality and high-end products at low prices.

In addition to the standard product range listed on this site, SB Components Ltd will also undertake bespoke case and electronic component projects. These can range from the addition of logos, or changes to color/materials of existing products to the creation of completely bespoke engineered from scratch products.