Capture Local Real-Time Air Quality Data With Pico

Capture Local Real-Time Air Quality Data With Pico

The launch of Raspberry Pi Pico gave a way to developers to construct advanced products/projects at low cost. It is able to perform enormous tasks despite its low cost that inject people's interest into the world of microcontrollers.

Two major hardware products are Pico Air Monitoring Series: Pico Air Monitoring Expansion; Pico Air Monitoring WiFi Monitoring Expansion and Kickstarter live. Many could have questions about project ideas based on the Pico Air Monitoring Series.Raspberry Pi Pico Air Quality Monitor

In this post, we’ll discuss the potential of the Pico Air Monitoring Series with the projects that can be built on it easily. So let’s get started!!!

Idea of Pico Air Monitoring Series

Air Monitoring Series is based on Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi which have made the technology lovers and fans extremely happy. The Pico Air Monitoring Series was the idea that came from the increase in particulate matter and a constant demand for compact air monitoring devices in the affordable price range.

Introduction of Pico Air Monitoring Series

We built our first successful prototype of Air Monitoring on Raspberry Pico, Pico Air Monitoring Expansion Board. Pico Air Monitoring Expansion consists of a hi-tech Digital Laser Dust Sensor, PMSA003, sensor with on-board 0.91" OLED Display that provides the information of suspended particulate matter(PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10) in the air per unit volume via digital output with an operating voltage of 5V. It communicates via UART(serial) with the standby current ≤200 Microampere(μA) of the sensor.  

Upgradation with ESP8266 

We always send out our products to review committees, technology bloggers, students and electronic lovers and we did the same process for Pico Air Monitoring Expansion. We received so much positive feedback on a joint question: "How can Pico Air Monitoring expansion transmit the information to other systems?" By considering the feedback we came up with the Pico Air WiFi Monitoring Expansion board. 

Pico Air WiFi Monitoring for IoT Application 

The Pico Air Monitoring Expansion with onboard components like ESP8266 and Bosch BME280 is an upgrade of Pico Air Monitoring Expansion. It is designed to allow users to send air quality data to the IoT cloud.

There is an onboard humidity sensor Bosch BME280, an integrated environmental sensor, that is for low current consumption (3.6μA at 1Hz), long-term stability, and high EMC robustness.

You are now able to transfer data to the cloud or any other server to help you easily send PM-level real-time data.

Projects On Air Monitoring Series

Now your wait is over, the following projects can increase the air quality and the quality of your project. There are following projects that can be built on Pico Air Monitoring Series

  • Smart Watch - Smart watches are on trend with a high demand amongst the customers. You can develop a smart watch with the pico air monitoring series that would help you to get the real-time PM data on your watch. You can also link your smart watch with the Pico Air WiFi Monitoring expansion and get the data on your watch. 
  • Portable Weather Monitoring System - You don't have to worry about the weather data because the Pico Air WiFi Expansion can easily deliver them. It consists of a moisture sensor Bosch BME280, which can help you get data such as temperature, pressure and humidity. In addition to a weather report, you can develop a portable weather system that will tell you about the air quality level. 
  • Dehumidifier System -  With the Pico Air Monitoring series, you can develop a dehumidifier system at home economically. Dehumidifier is an air moisture-removing device, which provides you with precise moisture data for Pico Air WiFi monitoring expansion. In the Pico Air Monitoring Series, you can also add the components to help you develop better products. 
  • Automated Air Ventilation System - A high-priced air ventilation system is not necessary because you can use the compact and cost-effective Pico Air Monitoring series. The Pico Air Monitoring Expansion or Pico Air WiFi Monitoring Expansion can be connected to the system's main power source, which controls air and sensor flow.

You can build a more compact and advanced system with the Pico Air Monitoring Series with your knowledge. Just share your product ideas in the comment down below and save the world. 


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