Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4 Case Review

Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4 Case Review

Argon40 launched one of their tough and sleek cases Argon ONE that has a high appeal to the users that we will review in this blog.

The Raspberry Pi came up with its compact single-board computer, Raspberry Pi, in the year 2012 to enhance the learning experience of the people. The Raspberry Pi organization makes one of the advanced single-board computers that are not only fast but also compact. The potential of Raspberry Pi is an open sky that people can use to develop advanced programming. Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest model of Raspberry Pi modules that is one of the advanced technologies in the single board computer market. One of the common problems that the user has, from the Raspberry Pi that it does not come with a solid case. The Raspberry Pi 4 can get the dust on its components in daily usage which would slow down the working of the device. The Pi could also come in between any accident which will damage the components of it. Argon ONE cases are the solution to this problem that can save Raspberry Pi 4 while letting the user access all of its components in a perfect manner. One can checkout about the link for Argon ONE 

How Is Argon ONE A Reliable Product?

One of the most widely used cases is the Argon ONE case that made quality images in the market. The look of the Argon One is very appealing which attracts the customers to it that has advanced features. There are the following features of the Argon One Raspberry Pi 4 case

  • Multi-function power button (reboot, safe shut down, shut down)
  • Sleek aluminium-alloy enclosure(Aluminium case acts as a heat sink for the Raspberry Pi).
  • Removable top and GPIO recess.
  • Amazing temperature management.
  • Built-in fan
  • Tidy cable management.
  • Re-routes HDMI, audio jack, and USB-C power connector to the back of the case with the rest of the ports
  • Safe & handy power button.
  • Easy assembly without messy wiring.
  • Proper bottom design.

Unpacking Of Argon ONE Case

One thing a user can observe just after the unpacking of the Argon ONE is its enchanting design. The width of the case is almost doubled the Raspberry Pi so that it can get the space to work properly. The design of the case is developed to make the LED get the position of the center on the case. The bulk of the case is made from aluminium with a plastic base that gives a better look at the case. The two protrusions on the side of the fan are designed for the application of two provided thermal pads. These are used in the system to draw off the heat. There are also rubber feet on the case to provide stability to the device on a surface. There are following things that come with the case 

  • An instruction book
  • The aluminium case upper with a pre-assembled board containing the fan, power button, and GPIO connections
  • An expansion board to plug into the Pi's micro-HDMI ports and audio jack
  • Accessories to assemble the components 

What Are The Profits To Purchase Argon ONE Pi 4 Raspberry Pi Case?

  • Beautiful design 
  • Build-in fan for cooling
  • Power button for shutdown and reboot
  • East access to the GPIO via the magnetic cover
  • Aluminium case work as a heat sink that maintains the temperature
  • Tough built
  • A user can access the memory card by dismantling the case.

Easy Assembling Of The Case

The case comes with a top and bottom which gets connected easily to become a case. It contains 4 screws, a built-in PCB board, a silicon cooling pad, and a PCB board that has the audio and micro HDMI port. The assembly is easy because of the simple design of the case and it goes with every module of the Raspberry Pi. There are no special tools needed to assemble the case except its need for a four-way screwdriver to tighten the screws. One can read the installation manual also to get the knowledge of the assembling process. 

Best Active and Passive Cooling Case

The case has the aluminium design which provides a way to make the case cool. The aluminium work as a heat sink for the case. The heat goes out from the system with the help of the aluminium that maintains the temperature of the device. It cools down the system without the use of any extra fan that saves the energy of the system. Many codes or programming increase the heat of the system that does not get controlled just by the aluminium. The case also has a built-In PCB board with the attached fan that increases the cooling of the case. The combination of the aluminium heat sink with the built-in fan works efficiently to provide the best cooling temperature to the Pi. It would help the system run smoothly which increases the speed of the system. It cuts down any lag in the process of the system that makes the task efficient for the user.


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