Home Automation System Based On Raspberry Pi Pico

Home automation system based on Raspberry Pi Pico

Getting started with a Home automation system

To develop an advanced home automation system, we need to have the following things

  • Raspberry Pi Pico - Raspberry Pi Pico is a robust microcontroller that comprises features like RP2040 Dual Core ARM Cortex-M0+ clocked at 133MHz, 256KB RAM, 30 GPIO pins, and a broad range of interfacing options.
  • Raspberry Pi Pico Relay Board - Raspberry Pi Pico Relay Board is developed with the potential to control up to 4 appliances and loads up to 240V AC@ 7A, 30V DC@ 10A. It is easy to use as one needs to just stack the Raspberry Pi Pico on it.
  • HC-05 Bluetooth Module - It is a serial Bluetooth module for the microcontrollers with an operating voltage of 4V to 6V and an operating current of 30mA. It works with Serial communication (UART) and TTL compatibility.
  • USB Cable - For Programming with Raspberry Pi Pico. raspberry Pi Pico Relay Board

Installation Procedure

  • Stack Raspberry Pi Pico on 40 pin Pico header of Pico Relay board.
  • Connect HC-05 Bluetooth module RX and TX pin on Pin GP0 and GP1 of external header of Pico relay board. Follow below circuit arrangement to connect everything together.
  • Now copy below code and paste it in any micropython supported ide (for example: Thonny) and select interpreter as MicroPython (Raspberry Pi Pico).
  • Click on Green play button to run program on Raspberry Pi Pico.
  • Now use any Serial terminal app from play store to send data to your Bluetooth module. Send "1" to turn on Bulb and send "2" to turn off Bulb.

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