Latest MakeCode 2021 update for micro:bit

Latest MakeCode 2021 update for microbit

The most recent update of MakeCode for micro:bit improved user efficiency. This post provides an overview of the new features and improvements available in makecode 2021, which can be found on the micro:bit official website.

Supports logging and storing data

The most recent version of makecode now enables logging and storing data, which has improved the user's experience. Many people have requested this feature for their micro:bit, and with this new version, they will be able to run their hardware more efficiently. This feature is supported by the makecode 'data logger' extension, which includes a number of blocks. Advanced > Add Extension > search for 'data logger' to find it. For the time being, the data-logging is in beta testing, and it will be updated as more resources become available.

No Drag and Drop required

If you're annoyed by the micro: drag-and-drop bit's feature, there's some good news for you! This option, which would make the WebUSB easier to use, has received a lot of time and work. With the help of this innovative technology, you can effortlessly couple USB devices, which is growing popular among consumers. You can download directly to micro:bit with the aid of this capability. The first question that may have come to mind is what you would need to be able to complete this fantastic work. You'll need the newest firmware on your micro:bit device, as well as Edge or Chrome as your browser.No Drag and Drop required

Impressive color contrasts for Low-vision students

In today's world, technology is becoming more accessible to all people, regardless of their limitations, particularly literacy challenges. It is one of the most effective ways to improve the efficiency of people with low eyesight. Color differences were created by focusing on the mental issues that people with limited vision confront. This function will not only make things easier for people, but it will also improve the field of technology.

Select Array Parameter 

Makecode is becoming more spectacular with each passing year as the makecode upgrades improve. Users of the micro:bit have played a critical role in the makecode improvements by providing feedback to the company. A lot of the changes have been made possible by the users' fresh ideas and execution plans. The most recent version of makecode now accepts array types as parameters, allowing you to choose an array parameter.Select Array Parameter Latest MakeCode 2021 update for micro:bit

Complete guide with new tutorials

As we all know, the micro:bit V2 has recently been released, and many people have requested a comprehensive tutorial for the product. They no longer have to be concerned, as new lessons incorporating new micro:bit functionalities like the microphone and speaker are now accessible.Latest MakeCode 2021 update for microbit

Loop update

The Loops Toolbox drawer has been updated with a slew of new features. As a safer approach for them to start using this block and have the right criteria established for quitting the loop, the default value has been changed to “false.”

Looping on a given time interval (in milliseconds)

It is one of the top elements that will provide users with a positive experience. This feature prevents the code inside the block from running again until a time period chosen for the loop has expired.

Text editor in the app

Because one-click downloads are now available with the web version of MakeCode, the app's text editor will no longer be used. This release marks the beginning of the deprecation of the Windows 10 app. Comment down below for your queries. Our team will let you know more in detail.


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