Make a PPP Internet Connection using PiTalk

Make a PPP Internet Connection using PiTalk

This tutorial helps you to access 3G Internet connection in Raspberry Pi. Internet on PiTalk is handled by PPP (point to point protocol), and therefore a PPP script is needed to turn on internet connectivity.

  1. Connect PiTalk Communication Port to Raspberry Pi using the micro USB cable.

  2. Press the ON button of PiTalk. Netlight LED will start blinking and network registered.


  3. Make sure your Raspberry pi recognizes PiTalk when connected via USB by opening terminal and typing command:

  4. dmesg

    If you see Quectel GSM module of raspberry Pi and 'ttyUSB3' port, skip below commands. Otherwise, follow these steps and update your Raspberry Pi.
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo reboot

    Repeat Step - 3 and check 'ttyUSBB3' port is allocated


  5. Now there are two ways you can start the internet connection.
    • From GUI

      Go to Internet, fill the entries for APN and PORT as per your SIM card and Raspberry Pi Port and press Connect. After the script is done processing, press “Check Status”. If the popup label shows Connected, then you are successful in connecting to the internet.

    • From Terminal

      In your PiTalk directory that you may have downloaded from GitHub :, there is a folder named ‘PPP’. It contains the desired scripts for handling your internet connection via PPP.

    • Open Terminal and navigate to PiTalk directory. Alternatively, open the PiTalk directory and press F4 to open Terminal based in that directory. Navigate to the PPP directory and change the permissions of scripts:

      sudo chmod +x ppp_create ppp_start ppp_kill
      sudo ./ppp_create WWW ttyUSB3
      Note - WWW is the APN of Vodafone. Replace APN with your SIM card APN
       sudo ./ppp_start


  6. You can check the status of your PPP connection by typing the command:
    ifconfig ppp0


  7. If you see a section with PPP, you were successful in establishing a connection to the internet.


  8. To stop PPP connection, type command:
     sudo ./ppp_kill


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