Micro:bit programming with blocks

Micro:bit programming with blocks

As quoted by Dale Carnegie- ‘Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.

One of the new and popular names in the microcontroller world is micro:bit. Focused on learning to code and understanding electronics micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller. micro:bit is easy to program and interface, all these qualities make a position for micro:bit in the market.

Story of Programmable block kit

Our education systems are more focused on theories, but we know that learning by doing is the best way of educating someone. The programmable block kit gives freedom to learn, create, and innovate new things for the enthusiasts.

Stem Bit offers an expansion board that can be used for interfacing sensors and creating different structures.

There are hardware supports available for micro:bit providing easy access to peripherals. One such hardware support for programmable block kit is by Stem Bit. Stem Bit is a programmable block kit that requires micro:bit at its core.

Stem bit is a micro:bit based easy to assemble block kit. Stem Bit is designed for kids and techies to learn and play using blocks.

Stem in Stem bit stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics and the bit is for micro:bit community. Stem bit is focused on indulging people from all education backgrounds or age groups into the programming world. Industries are expecting their employees to have basic programming knowledge. 

Stem bit is can be very useful for computer nerds, enthusiasts, and learners. Stem Bit can be used to enhance creativity among the kids and develop new ideas with 260 building blocks. 

Stem bit has a Stem board which is basically a stylish expansion board for stem bit. The expansion board or Stem board can be used to create different structures for different movements and interface sensors easily.

Expansion Board from programmable block kit

Expansion Board from Stem Bit provides interface for micro:bit, serial communication, SPI, I2C, servos, ultrasonic, IR, and battery. Without worrying or checking the pinout of micro:bit one can focus on programming and connect devices with the pins easily.

expansion board

It has 2 10 mm RGB, 3 WS2812 RGB, full power, charging, 3.3v, and 5v indicator LEDs. An Infrared receiver makes it one of the powerful expansion board. You can customize this in your own way. Mount blocks and programs it accordingly.


The programmable block kit has lots of applications, and you can develop and create your own applications based on your needs and ideas.

You can create a 4x4 car based on IR or Ultrasonic, Skyscrapers, Robots, Slingshot, Clipper robots, etc. Programmable block kit can be used for learning or training, developing ideas and enhancing your creativity. 


If you want to learn to program and develop your own codes than there is nothing better than starting with programmable block code. As our mind understands better by doing, this kit has a combination of electronic components with building blocks and the user can control these blocks by micro:bit block or python programming.

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