Top 4 Applications of Pico Air Monitoring Expansion with WiFi Module

Top 4 Applications of Pico Air Monitoring Expansion with WiFi Module

Air quality has been decaying for the years that has become the reason for millions of lives in the world. Pico Air Monitoring series is developed by Mr. Amrit singh to save the environment by the support of everyone.

One of the most interesting things that came with the Pico Air Monitoring series is the collaboration with the WiFi module that opened up the gates for data uploading in various channels. Let’s discuss the product further for more information.Pico Air Quality Monitoring Expansion

Idea behind Pico Air WiFi Module

Pico Air Monitoring Expansion developed for the particulate matter level(PM 1.0, PM 2.5 and PM 10) in the surrounding. On Kickstarter, Pico air monitoring expansion is live now and gaining a lot of attention from the tech community. A lot of individuals gave a common feedback that “it would be better, if they can send the data of particulate matter on cloud”, and Pico Air WiFi monitoring expansion is the gift they all got on Kickstarter.

Developer, Amrit Singh, released two products Pico Air monitoring Expansion (£35) with its WiFi module counterpart Pico air wifi monitoring expansion (£50) with the ability to send the data on cloud.

IoT With Pico Air WiFi Monitoring Expansion

Pico Air WiFi Monitoring Expansion is an upgrade of the Pico Air Monitoring Expansion with onboard components like ESP8266 and Bosch BME280. It is developed to make the users send the air quality data on the internet with the help of ESP8266. There is an onboard humidity sensor Bosch BME280, an integrated environmental sensor, that is for low current consumption (3.6μA at 1Hz), long-term stability, and high EMC robustness. Easy connection and robust design make it a high demand product for the tech-community.

Application of Pico Air WiFi Expansion

Pico Air WiFi Expansion is a complete product for the people who want to change the world in terms of quality environment. Pico Air WiFi Expansion consists of the ESP8266 and Bosch BME280 that can transform into a module as you can add more sensors to it as per your need like CO2 sensor. There are following applications that can make you get reach the the full potential of the Pico Air WiFi Monitoring
  • Air Pollution Sensing - Many people do not have the idea about the hazardous air pollution as they do not know how much air quality has degraded. You can now get the data of the air quality with the pico air monitoring series which also can be uploaded on the cloud system. Government can run a web portal with this information which everyone can access easily.
  • Weather Stations - You can build a weather station system with the help of Pico Air WiFi Monitoring Expansion as it consists of the ESP8266 that would provide the user a way to send the real time weather information data. Sensor like Bosch BME280, a humidity sensor, is designed for the temperature, pressure and humidity data collection with precision.
  • Track Air Quality - Real-time air quality monitoring can be done via Pico Air Monitoring Expansion. You can connect the Pico Air WiFi Monitoring expansion with the server that would give you the access to get the real time data of the air quality.
  • Research data - People who are from the research and development background can have the maximum benefits from the Pico Air Monitoring expansion. They can have the data for their projects, thesis and product that would be better for our world.
There are many things that can be done to enhance the quality of the environment with the help of Pico Air monitoring Expansion


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