Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

Now take high quality pictures and videos with your Raspberry Pi by connecting a High Quality Camera.


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12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor, 7.9mm diagonal image size, and back-illuminated sensor architecture, with adjustable back focus and support for C- and CS-mount lenses

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera


  • Sony IMX477R stacked, back-illuminated sensor, 12.3 megapixels, 7.9 mm sensor diagonal, 1.55 μm × 1.55 μm pixel size
  • Ouput: RAW12/10/8, COMP8
  • Back focus: Adjustable (12.5 mm–22.4 mm)
  • Lens standards: C-mount, CS-mount (C-CS adapter included)
  • IR cut filter: Integrated
  • Ribbon cable length: 200 mm
  • Tripod mount: 1/4”-20

Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide

The Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide

Official raspberry pi camera guide

Learn how to set up and control Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera. Discover the many image modes and effects available, and use the camera in a variety of exciting projects across 17 packed chapters.


  • Set up the new High Quality Camera, attach a lens, and start capturing images.
  • Take selfies and shoot stop-motion videos.
  • Build a wildlife camera and also an underwater one.
  • Make a smart door with a video doorbell.
  • Set up a security camera to monitor your home
  • And much, much more!