Raspberry Pi Imager update to v1.6

Raspberry Pi Imager update to v1.6
Considering Raspberry Pi Imager premiered just over one year ago, Raspberry Pi made a variety of modifications and fixes to make it even more dependable and simpler to use.
But you could wonder if it is changed in any way, as it looks almost precisely the same as it did this past year. Raspberry Pi intentionally kept it as easy and straightforward as we could.
Raspberry Pi Imager update to v1.6
Raspberry Pi make it as simple to use as you can, together with the smallest possible quantity of clicks. This lowers the complexity for the user and reduces the range for consumers to make errors. But at precisely the exact same time, a number of our customers were requesting more intricate functionality. This presented me with a tricky problem: how can Raspberry Pi encourage innovative performance, while also making it effortless to work with and difficult to get wrong?

After much wrangling in GitHub problems, RPi eventually folded, and made a decision to present an innovative options menu.

For all those you daring enough to want to perform the advanced options, you Want to press the magic key order:
Employing the advanced options menu clearly entails a couple of added clicks, but it is really pretty straightforward, and it is well worth a look if you find that you regularly must create config changes once you flash a new SD card. It permits you to place some common choices (by way of instance, if you place the hostname properly you do not have to get a static IP address), and you can save these for potential pictures or use them for this session only.
If you want to turn off telemetry, that is ok; all it does is send a ping to the Raspberry Pi site which lets us produce the data pages here. To know what we ship, you may read about it on our GitHub page.

After installed, just follow the onscreen directions and you are all set. Following is a useful video to reveal exactly how simple it's to prepare your SD card.


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