Remotely access a Windows Desktop using Raspberry Pi

Remotely access a Windows Desktop using Raspberry Pi

Nowadays Raspberry Pi has a very positive impact on the Present world, In this blog, you can learn how to Access Remote Desktop on Raspberry Pi using xrdp and remmina


xrdp provides a graphical login to remote machines using RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol). xrdp accepts connections from a variety of RDP clients: FreeRDP, rdesktop, NeutrinoRDP and Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android).

As Windows-to-Windows Remote Desktop can, xrdp supports not only graphics remoting but also

  • two-way clipboard transfer (text, bitmap, file)
  • audio redirection
  • drive redirection (mount local client drives on a remote machine)

RDP transport is encrypted using TLS by default.


Remmina is a remote desktop client for POSIX-based computer operating systems. It supports the Remote Desktop Protocol, VNC, NX, XDMCP, SPICE and SSH protocols. Remmina is in the package repositories for Debian versions 6 and later.

  • Remmina can be used for:
  • Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP)
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol(SFTP)
  • Secure Shell(SSH)
  • Virtual Network Computing(VNC)


To install it, just copy and paste the line on a terminal window:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install remmina



By default plugins for RDP, SSH and SFTP are installed. You can view a list of available plugins with

apt-cache search remmina-plugin


Access Remote Desktop

Go to Start > Internet > Remmina

Remmina Remote Desktop Client will open.
In the text box enter Remote Desktop’s IP and hit ‘Connect’.

Access Remote Desktop

Enter Username, Password, and Domain of remote desktop. You can leave the ‘Domain’ box empty if you don’t have a domain.

Access Remote Desktop

Hit ‘Ok’ button, and your remote desktop window will appear.

Access Remote Desktop

Above steps are applicable for accessing both Local and remote desktop.

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