SB Servo Hardware and Interface

SB Servo Hardware and Interface -SB Components

SB Serial Servo is a new way of interfacing the motors. The way these motors are interfaced with our microcontrollers and processors might be slightly difficult for the beginner but very easy if you used them once or twice. Connecting one wire from one motor to another is easy. 

SB Servo

SB Servos were launched on Kickstarter on 10 Feb 2020, reached the goal in only 2 days and is still getting backed.

SB Servos have a lot of features for a variety of applications. These servos can be used in the robotic car as these motors offer rotation in the motor mode, and also in the robotic arms or humanoid robots in the servo mode.

The Design

SB Servo

The SB Servos are small in size with high torque made up of Nylon and glass fiber for more durability. The double shaft and on the motor provides better holding capability. There are 11 screw holes on the motor(SB-SS15) to fit them on most of our projects. The SB-SS15 has 40mm x 20mm x 40.5 mm dimensions and weighs only 56 grams.

SB Servo

The SB-SS023 is a small compact yet powerful servo motor. It is only 23.2mm x 12mm x 25.5mm in dimension weighing 12.5 grams with a torque of 2.3 All its other features are the same as of SB-SS15 which makes it the best choice for small applications.



For Interfacing the SB Servos with our hardware we need a full-duplex to the half-duplex converter and a 7 volt supply to provide the proper voltage and current to the motors. 

The Kickstarter campaign of SB Servo also offers 2 add on rewards- the Raspberry Pi Shield and Universal Shield. 

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi shield is a stackable shield for Raspberry Pi which provides a full-duplex to the half-duplex interface for servos with proper power supply for Raspberry Pi and servo motors. This shield has an onboard supply for Raspberry Pi which means if you have stacked the Raspberry Pi shield you do not need to plug another power source to power up the Raspberry Pi. There are various sensor interfaces on the top of the shield and a USB to the full-duplex and half-duplex converter.

The Universal Shield can be used with any hardware. It is not stackable as the Raspberry Pi Shield is but it can be used with multiple hardware such as with Arduino, Beaglebone, Banana Pi, or our desktop computer with Mac, Linux or Windows. It provides proper supply to the servo motors and converts USB or full-duplex to half-duplex.


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