The tinyML Foundation has started a competition for developers all over the world.

The tinyML Foundation has started a competition for developers all over the world.

Get ready to present your talent in developing smart and efficient projects in front of the whole world. For the first time, the tinyML Foundation came up with a competition in which developers from all around the world can take part by submitting their project. For many talented and smart tech-enthusiastic people, it would be an opportunity to level up their potential and compete with other potential competitors all around the world. If you want to win the prize then you have to develop a creative and inspiring application based on the tinyML on computer vision to win prizes up to $6000. Got excited about the competition! Wait! There is more for you, you get the recognition from the tinyML foundation which would be a level up in your career.

About tinyML

Most of the readers might be wondering about the challenge to win amazing prizes. First of all, about tinyML, Tiny Machine learning or tinyML is a renowned company worldwide in the field of machine learning. It became famous among the tech-enthusiast and developers as a fast-developing machine learning technologies including hardware, algorithms, and software capable of performing on-device sensor data analytics at extremely low power, typically in the mW range and below, and hence enabling a variety of always-on use cases and targeting battery-operated devices.

Call for developers!

Competition is focused on industrial-based applications with the help of machine learning. The competitors need to develop or invent a system that would be focused on the embedded system to solve or address industry-based problems. One of the best parts is that if a competitor comes with battery-operated and ultra low power projects then extra points will be granted.

Project Submission!

Innovative Tech-developers from all around the world are invited to this event to showcase their project. The focus of the projects should be on making things better in the industries. In this modern time of industrialization, productions are getting higher with high efficiency. With the collective work of us in the form of competition, we can make the industries better than ever. If you want to submit your project or know about the competition more then click here! 

Get ready for the competition

After the submission of the project, a panel of judges will decide the finalists based on their projects submitted on the platforms. There is a panel of Judges that will score your projects based on the judging criteria outlined in the rules tab. The top 3 winners will get the $6000 in prizes. The first prize will be $3000, the second prize $2000 and the third will be $1000 gift cards. Submission of the contest has started(April 15, 2021) and the last date of the submission is 20 Aug 2021. The winners will be announced on Sept 1, 2021. Do not delay and get ready to invent new things!!!


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