4-Wheel Robot Smart Car Chassis Kits with Speed Encoder for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

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This bare-bones robot chassis features 4 DC motors providing a true four-wheel-drive capability. Easy to self-assemble it forms a tough platform for building your robot projects using Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards.

  • Perfect for students, programming enthusiasts and children to learn about engineering, programming, electronics, home automation, and robotics
  • DC 6V 4-wheel Robot Smart Car Chassis Kits car with Speed Encoder for Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • The mechanical structure is simple, very easy to install.
  • The car comes with a tachometer encoder.
  • Uses four deceleration direct current machine curve to be nimble, the directivity is good.
  • Four actuations, horsepower fullness.
  • The chassis are big and steady, very easy to expand.
  • Operating Voltage: DC 3-6V 
  • Rated Voltage: DC 4 5V 
  • Unloaded Current Consumption:? 80mA 
  • Vacuum Speed ​​t: 200 RPM 
  • Ratio deceleration: 1:48
  • Car Speed(M/minute): 48
  • RPM (With tire): 240
  • Tire Diameter: 66mm
  • Noise: <65dB
Kit Content
  • 1 x DIY Intelligent Car

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