Stem:Bit - The Programmable Blocks Kit for micro:bit

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STEM:BIT is a Programmable Building Blocks kit (Micro bit Lego kit) includes micro:bit board, micro bit expansion board, battery, motor, and other electronic components, and more than 260 building blocks. Micro Bit learning kit also...

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STEM:BIT is a Programmable Building Blocks kit (Micro bit Lego kit) includes micro:bit board, micro bit expansion board, battery, motor, and other electronic components, and more than 260 building blocks. Micro Bit learning kit also comes with a building block assembly manual that provides the steps to assemble into 9 different building blocks.

This micro:bit learning kit is the combination of electronic components with building blocks, and users can control them with micro:bit programming, such as infrared remote control, obstacle avoidance, tracking, colorful lights, and other functions. The building blocks are also compatible with LEGO, that if you are interested in building blocks and want to learn programming, this building block will be a good choice.  

Why Stem:Bit?

Stem:Bit is a micro bit starter kit easy to assemble and design codes about learning how to program the moves of different structures using the micro:bit. Using Stem:Bit you will learn programming, electronics, robotics, and many more.

The easy assembling of the blocks to form many structures. and it is made even easier with the help of an assembly manual that comes with the kit.

We have designed this project manual book (approximately 200-300 pages), especially for the children so that they can learn to make different applications using Stem:Bit giving them the scope to improvise and enhance their vision of programming and learning.

Maximize your imagination with this micro:bit based projects!


Stem:Bit building blocks kit provides multiple basic models. With a  wealth of circuit components, it can achieve many creative plays, such as remote control tracked vehicles, magic lights robots, robotic arm towers, and so on.  

(BBC Micro Bit) Building blocks and electronic modules are used to form a smart robot car, which can be programmed to avoid obstacles and track automatically.   

➤ With more than 260 building blocks, it can form more shapes and be controlled by programming circuits.

Stem:Bit programming building block kit can be expanded to other models with LEGO™ building block. Children can complete their own work with a rich imagination.

➤ Since it is based on the BBC micro:bit, thus it supports a variety of programming methods, supporting the online graphical programming of Make Code Editor and Python programming. You can realize your program's creativity on the computer or mobile app.



Main Controller: micro:bit

Power Supply: 3.7v Lithium Battery.

Remote Control: IR/bit handle remote control.

Assembly Method: Only building blocks, no-welding.

Programming Method: Graphical Programming

Input: Infrared Obstacle, Avoidance Sensor, Ultrasonic Module, Infrared Tracking Sensor, Infrared Receiving Probe.

Output: Motor, Buzzer, LED Light, Servo, RGB Light, RGB Programming Light.


*Click here* to visit the GitHub Repository of Stem:Bit

How To Use Infrared Remote Control on StemBit

Box Contents

  • 1 x micro:bit Expansion Board
  • 1 x Motor Module
  • 1 x Project Manual
  • 1 x Battery
  • 5 x Rubberband
  • 1 x Infrared Remote Controller
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Touring Track
  • 4 x 1*3 Hole Building Block
  • 4 x 1*7 Hole Building Block
  • 5 x 1*9 Hole Building Block
  • 5 x 1*11 Hole Building Block
  • 4 x 1*13 Hole Building Block
  • 6 x 1*15 Hole Building Block
  • 3 x 1*8 Cross Axle Building Block
  • 3 x 1*4 Cross Axle Building Block
  • 7 x 1*12 Cross Axle Building Block
  • 9 x 1*4 Shaft Cutoff Building Block
  • 5 x 8 Toothed-Wheel Building Block
  • 3 x 24 Toothed-Wheel Building Block
  • 7 x 40 Toothed-Wheel Building Block
  • 11 x 1*3 Bolt Connector Building Block
  • 7 x 2# Bolt Connector Building Block
  • 7 x 3*3 Bolt Connector Building Block
  • 5 x 1/2 Bushing Building Block
  • 15 x 1*1 Bushing Building Block
  • 7 x 1*2 Smooth Pin Building Block
  • 68 x 1*2 Frictional Pin Building Block
  • 9 x 1*2 Shaft And Bolt Connector Building Block
  • 12 x 1*3 Shaft Building Block
  • 5 x 5*7 Beam Frame Building Block
  • 2 x 5*11 Beam Frame Building Block
  • 68 x Plastic Crawler Piece
  • 6 x Crawler Wheel
  • 4 x 43*22mm Car Wheel
  • 4 x Rubber Ring + 24 Pulley
  • 1 x Spiral Wheel
  • 3 x 1*2 Shaft Connector Building Block
  • 1 x Building Block Remover
  • 1 x Lifting Hook