Pico 3V Relay HAT

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Pico 3V Relay HAT is a Two-Channel high-quality relay with the Switching Voltage(VAC) up to 2A/ 120V(Max), Switching Voltage(VDC) up to 2A/ 24V(Max), and an operating voltage of 3.3V. It comes with a Female Pin Header, to easily connect with Raspberry Pi Pico via effortless stacking. It is designed to be compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico that enhances the utilization of Raspberry Pi Pico with the combination of the relay. High-quality components make the Pico 3V Relay HAT more reliable and efficient to use in the project.

The design and look of the Pico 3V Relay HAT are compact with clear pin labeling and additional functional information that make the utilization of the product quite easy for the users.Pico 3v Relay BoardPico 3v Relay BoardPico 3 v Relay3v Relay for PicoPico 3V Relay BoardPico 3V Relay boardPico 3V Relay BoardPico 3v Relay DimensionRaspberry Pi Pico 3v Relay boardRaspberry Pi Pico 3v Relay BoardRaspberry Pi Pico 3v Relay HAT ResourcesPico 3v Relay HAT ResourcesPico 3V Relay HAT Learning ResourcesLearning Page

  • 1 x Pico 3v Relay HAT 

Note: No Pico Board Included

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