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PiShell: Protective Case for Raspberry Pi & Camera

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  • PiShell is a unique raspberry pi case made out of three parts; The base-bumper, body-cover, camera-cover.
  • You get all colors for the cases and you can make any combination of the three layers.
  • The material is made out of ABS plastic with dual-shot injection molding.
  • When fully assembled, PiShell gives full protection from the elements as well as give an attractive look to your Raspberry Pi setup.
  • Easily access the GPIO pins by sliding the top cover, mount the camera in the designated slot and close the top cover again, securing the setup.
  • It also has 3 vents that double as the heatsink so you don’t have to worry when you’re overclocking your unit. PiShell got you covered.

PiShell new way and old way

  • PiShell is available in 5 different colors. Red, Blue, Green, White, Black
  • 3-layered body: Base bumper, Body bumper, and the Camera cover.
  • Designated slot for camera mounting
  • Designated slot for RPi and peripherals cut-outs
  • ABS plastic with dual-shot injection molding
  • Complete protection for RPi and the camera
  • Easy access to GPIO pins header
  • Designated slot for wall mounting

PiShell features


PiShell assembly

Box contents
  • 1 x Top layer 
  • 1 x Middle layer 
  • 1 x Bottom layer

Package contents

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