BeagleBone Black CASE


BeagleBone Black CASE

  • Vendor:SB Components
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The much-loved BeagleBone Black deserves an equally great case. Here it is from SB Components Ltd!

With all the features that set SB Components' cases apart from the rest this is an elegant and innovative protective case, the perfect accompaniment for the BeagleBone Black. The case is a two-piece injection-moulded ABS enclosure that snaps together around the BeagleBone. It provides tough protection for the BeagleBone Black while providing access to all of the board's connectors. The case has light pipes for the board’'s LEDs and includes a reset key so the BeagleBone Black can be reset without having to open the case.

  • Two-piece injection-moulded ABS enclosure
  • Holds the BeagleBone Black firmly in place
  • Access to all BeagleBone connectors.
  • Reset key for use with the BeagleBone Black reset buttons.
  • Light-pipes for the LED clusters
Technical Details



Manufacturer: SB Components Ltd

Material: ABS