CE8301 - 5V DC-DC Boost, Step up


£1.51 GBP


USB-Female connector output for powering various 5V operated USB devices from battery.

The design is based on the CE8301 chip.

LED indicator
Easy to connect & Low Cost
Work from battery voltage as low as 0.9V, allowing you to maximize battery use
96% efficiency
Small size: 35x16mm
Battery input can be lithium or AA/AAA type alkaline


USB voltage regulator for USB powered devices. If your USB device is critical on 5V operation you can use this module. (USB voltage given to USB device from various PCs can be between 4.5V to 5.5V due to various factors like cable voltage drop) - This module will bring USB voltage required for your application at regulated 5V output.
Various USB devices which need 5V from low voltage batteries.
Battery operated microcontrollers projects powered from simple 1xAA/2xAA batteries
Charge mobile phone/MP4/MP3 from AA battery when traveling

Please note, there is no short circuit protection at the output. So take care not to short the output wires during use

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