DC/DC STEP-DOWN converter MP2315 6-24V to 5V 3.0A USB A


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  • The maximum output current of 3A, 2.1A long run, sufficient margin.
  • Using a new design, circuit design does not require electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors (electrolytic capacitor life is short, tantalum capacitors have the risk of explosion). Using the current high-end circuit with large-size solid-state ceramic capacitors (MCC) 3pcs.
  • Ripple is very low, 12V to 5V 3A only 10 mV or so, a lot of ripple rivals have reached 500 mV or greater, the equipment will cause an invisible injury, serious equipment will cause abnormal or damaged, IPHONE Very delicate.
  • The new solution uses synchronous rectification, the circuit conversion efficiency is very high, in the 6.5V to 5V0.7A when the efficiency of up to 97.5%, 12V to 5V1A also reached 94%, unlike some efficiency of only 60-70% peers. (The efficiency test removes the voltage drop across the input reverse-polarity protection diodes and fuses).
  • Use of flat copper inductors, to maximize the conversion efficiency. Reduce heat.
  • The first with output over-voltage protection, input 1.5A fuse, output 5V 300W TVS tube over-voltage clamp protection to protect USB devices are now peer USB buck module are not over-voltage protection, the USB device There is a very large security risk, think about it put it on your iPhone or other phones
  • Using the latest USB identification circuit, perfectly compatible with the iPhone, the vast majority of android mobile phones, IPAD.
  • Short gold-plated edge USB, long life, not a normal USB interface can match.
  • Output voltage indicator (red)Ultra – small size, 26.4 (L) * 15 (W) * 7.4 (H) mm.
  • Input with a reverse polarity protection diode, input positive and negative polarity will not be damaged, (OUR test efficiency ignores the input diode and fuse voltage drop)
  • Ultra-low quiescent current, quiescent current 0.85 mA. Connect to the car battery without adding the switch, you can connect the cigarette lighter line or ACC power line.


Chip: MP2315 (|AGCG)
Supply voltage: 6V - 24V
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 3A (heatsink required)
Efficiency: up to ~ 97.5%
USB type-A socket

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