DIY Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi + Arduino

£21.99 GBP

This starter kit comes with the main components such as LCD1602 display, Step motor, Servo, Remote, touch sensor, and Ultrasonic distance sensor, you can make some funny little builds with these things....

In the tutorial, there are clear steps in each lesson that include Overview, Specification, Pin defecation, Connection diagram, Demo code, Compile and run, and Application effect for Raspberry Pi or Arduino.
Raspberry Pi GPIO development using the same Arduino wiring language, easy to use. From a simple LED development gradually into a big project (Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Experiment, Water Level Monitoring Experiment, and so on). We will continue to add more interesting lessons.
All the components in this kit listing will be packaged neatly and safely in the package. We have a strong technical team and if you have any technical questions, please contact us by Email to get professional support.


  • 25 Kinds of modules or sensors.
  • Detailed and clear tutorial.
  • There are 26 lessons for Raspberry and 30 lessons for Arduino.
  • From a simple LED development gradually into a big project.
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO development uses the same Arduino wiring language and is easy to use.
Box Content

  • 40 pin GPIO Extension Board x 1
  • 40 pin GPIO Cable x 1
  • PCF8591 AD/DA module x1
  • 8*8 LED matrix x1
  • LCD1602 Module with IIC x1
  • Joystick x1
  • Breadboard x1
  • DHT11 Temperature and humidity sensor x1
  • 4 digit 7-segment Display x1
  • 1 digit 7-segment Display x1
  • IC 74HC595 x1
  • Active Buzzer x1
  • Passive Buzzer x1
  • 65 Jumper Wire x1
  • Photoresistor x2
  • Thermistor x1
  • RGB LED x1
  • Touch sensor x1
  • Potentiometerx1
  • Water Lever Sensor x1
  • 2003 stepper motor driver board x1
  • 5V stepper motor x1
  • 9G servo x1
  • Flame sensor x1
  • 40pin pin header x1
  • Remote Control x1
  • Infrared receiver x1
  • HC-SR04 module x1
  • Vibration Sensor x2
  • Button (big) x4
  • Button cap x4
  • Yellow LED x5
  • Blue LED x5
  • Green LED x5
  • Resistor (220R) x10
  • Resistor (330R) x10
  • Resistor (1K) x10
  • Resistor (10K) x10
  • Female-to-male Dupont Wire x10


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