Edge Breakout for Micro:bit

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Micro:bit is an entry-level development board designed by BBC for teens programming education. It supports the PXT graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft and can be used under Windows, macOS, IOS, Android and many other operating systems without downloading the compiler.

Breakout board is specifically designed in order to facilitate the wiring of Micro:bit development board. This board breaks out all the pins and power of Micro:bit development board to both side female header, so you can connect it to other components using jumper wire.

  • This is an edge connector expansion board specifically designed for Micro:bit.
  • It breakout the I/O pins to 2.54mm pitch pin headers for easy use.
  • Dimension: 82.05mm x 36.10mm (Approx.)
  • Through holes diameter: 2mm
  • Input Voltage: DC 3V
Kit Content
  • 1 x Edge Breakout for Micro:bit

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