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Wow! Here's the new BBC micro:bit: 70 times smaller and 18 times faster than the original BBC Micro!

Micro:bit is a pocket-sized, Single Board Computer (SBC) that can be easily be coded, customized, and controlled to bring projects to life. Designed specifically for kids and beginners, the BBC micro:bit is a code-able, non-intimidating introduction to programming, making, and project design.

The compact micro:bit is about half the size of a credit card, measuring only 16.3cm × 12cm. Packed on this tiny board is a 16MHz Nordic nRF51822 microcontroller, with built-in 2.4GHz Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wireless networking capability, a temperature sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a 3-axis magnetometer. A 5x5 LED array can be used as a light sensor, a tiny screen to draw on or display words, numbers, and other information. Two programmable buttons and a reset button can be used to control games, send a radio message, or activate the display. A micro USB and two-pin JST connector allow for different power options.

On the bottom of the micro:bit board are 20 gold-tabbed edge pins and five ring connectors (three for digital/analog I/O, two for power and ground) for hooking up external components. The tabs with larger holes are alligator-clip friendly to for quick prototyping. Intuitive apps allow users to send code to the micro:bit using their mobile device, without using a USB cable, via Bluetooth.

The micro:bit can be programmed using a variety of languages, including JavaScript, Microsoft BlockCode, MicroPython, and C++.

The board comes in 1 of 4 random colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green (which one you get is a surprise!)


Micro:bit features:

  • Multiple sensors
  • Programmed via software via USB
  • Multiple platform support Windows, iOS, tablet, mobile
  • Open Source hardware (OSHW)

Top Side:

  • 3 Digital/Analogue input/output rings
  • Power port ring
  • Ground ring
  • 25 individually programmable LEDs
  • 2 programmable buttons

Bottom Side:

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ CPU
  • Bluetooth Smart Antenna
  • Accelerometer and compass
  • MicroUSB
  • 20-pin edge connector
  • Battery connector

Other Features:

  • Detect motion, direction - Shake the BBC micro:bit to play paper, scissors, stone game. Navigate around your local park with the onboard compass.
  • Control your own games using the board's 2 buttons
  • Use the 25 programmable LEDs to display messages
  • Connect the BBC micro:bit to your phone using Bluetooth wireless technology to take selfies without touching your phone
  • Add a speaker to one of three connecting rings to play sounds or music.
  • Item Height: 28 Millimeters
  • Item Width: 12 Centimeters
  • Item Weight: 9.07 g
  • Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 12 x 2.8 cm (Approx.)
Kit Content
  • 1 x Micro:bit Board


Blog Introduction to BBC micro:bit

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