micro:bit v2 with Clear Case

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This includes micro:bit v2 with clear case, It is an elegant and innovative protective case designed specifically for the BBC micro:bit v2. This Protector Case not only keeps a BBC micro:bit v2 in perfect condition but also offers a number of other benefits. Keep your BBC micro: bit safe and secure with this compact, portable protective case making a compact and portable unit. It also can be stood neatly on a desk and provide large easy to read labels for the A and B buttons. This case provides full access to the bottom pins on the BBC micro:bit so the Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit can be used.


  • This is a protective case specially designed for the BBC micro:bit v2.
  • It provides tough protection for the micro:bit and Provides access to the bottom pins of the BBC micro:bit v2.
  • Full access to the A and B keys on the BBC micro: bit v2. Access to pins and connectors including micro USB port.
  • It Can be used with the Edge Connector Breakout.
  • The case is a two-piece injection-moulded ABS enclosure that snaps together around the micro:bit v2.
  • Heat sinks for efficient extraction of heat.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • EAN: 5055652905963 
  • 1 x BBC Micro:bit v2 Board Only
  • 1 x micro:bit v2 Clear Case.

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