MT3608 - DC-DC Boost 2A, Micro USB


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  • 2V to 24V input voltage with output boost 5V to 28V adjustable
  • Maximum output current: 2A (Recommended up to 1A only)
  • Input voltage: 2V ~ 24V
  • Maximum output voltage:  5V ~ 28V (Recommend to use up to 26V only)
  • Efficiency: ~93%
  • Onboard preset: Adjust Output Voltage ( Multi Turns 20 Turns)
  • Input voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage
  • Peak current output current should not more than 2A
  • Output voltage should always be higher than the Input voltage
  • PCB Size: 30 mm * 17 mm * 14 mm

How to use

  • Connect the IN+ and IN- of the module with 2~24V power supply
  • Adjust the potentiometer to adjust the output voltage. Please note that the output voltage should be higher than the input voltage during normal use

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