Sense HAT For Pico

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Sense HAT for Raspberry Pi Pico is a four-sensor environment monitoring device that measures temperature, air quality, humidity, and colour. The Sense HAT board is perfect for the environment monitoring project since it has multi-sensors with the ability to measure temperature, humidity, air quality and colours. A stylish 1.14" LCD screen is also installed on the board, allowing the user to quickly see the data from the sensors on the screen. It will assist you in keeping track of the environment of your arenas, such as the office, home, or anywhere else.Raspberry Pi Pico Sense HATPico Sense HAT FeaturesPico Sense HAT FeaturesPico Sense HAt SpecificationsPico Sense HAT SpecificationsPico Sense HAt ApplicationsPico Sense HAt ApplicationsPico Sense HAt HardwarePico Sense HAt HardwarePico Sense HAt PinoutPico Sense HAt PinoutPico sense HAt

Note: No Pico Board Included

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