Pico Zero Expansion

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Pico Zero Expansion is an advantageous and neatly labelled expansion, with a 6x20 grid in the middle for the Raspberry Pi Pico and 8 x 20 grid on the both side to connect peripherals, of 2.54mm spacing mounting holes suitable for users to easily solder the Pico pins. Pico Zero Expansion provides a secure, compact and long term safe house to your breadboard or DIY Project with perfectly attaching custom circuits! 

Pico Zero Expansion does not have the attached Headers, so users can either solder the Pico Zero Expansion directly to male header pins of Pico or solder 2 x 20 female header pins on Pico Zero Expansion directly. Raspberry Pi Pico is a compact and low cost microcontroller that creates vast opportunities for all the Tech-Lovers to create something smart and efficient Project! Pico Zero Expansion has the design to get attached with the Pico with the help of which a user can connect sensors and other hardware's that would let it transform into an advanced prototype. 

If you want to use Pico Zero Expansion efficiently then just remember that your Raspberry Pi Pico has a male soldered header, with downward pointing of pins, so that it can be conveniently attached with each other.Pico Zero Board Expansion bannerPico Zero ExpansionPico Zero Expansion FeaturesPico Zero expansion SpecificationsPico Zero Expansion SpecificationsPico Zero Expansion ApplicationsPico Zero expansion ApplicationPico Zero ExpanderPico Zero Expansion HardwarePico Zero expansion

    • 1  x Pico Zero Expansion
    • 1 Pair of Pico Female Header

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