USB to LoRa Dongle

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USB to LoRa Dongle is a powerful and versatile USB to LoRa that lets you connect beyond boundaries. With its exceptional range and easy connectivity, it allows you to seamlessly communicate with...

Frequency: 433 MHz

433 MHz
868 MHz
915 MHz
USB to LoRa Dongle is a powerful and versatile USB to LoRa that lets you connect beyond boundaries. With its exceptional range and easy connectivity, it allows you to seamlessly communicate with devices up to 5 km away. LoRa Dongle is the perfect solution for anyone looking to establish long-range wireless communication in a variety of applications.

  • The communication distance tested is up to 5km;
  • The maximum transmission power of 160mW, software multi-level adjustable
  • Support the license-free ISM 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz band :
  • Support air date rate of 0.3kbps ~ 62.5kbps ;
  • Support new generation LoRa technology based on SX1268 ;
  • The power consumption of hardware is reduced by 40%, and the power consumption of software is reduced by 35%;
  • Low-power battery-supplied battery supplied applications;
  • Support 2.1V-5.5V/3.3V~5.5V power supply, power supply over 3.3V/5.0V can guarantee the best performance ;
  • Industrial grade standard design, support -40 - 85 °C for working over a long time;
  • IPEX and stamp hole optional, good for secondary development and integration.

  1. Type A USB
  2. Power LED
  3. LoRa Module
  4. LoRa Configuration
  5. SMA Connector
  6. UART Selection
  7. LoRa UART Pins
  8. CH340 IC
  • Enjoy seamless communication with LoRa-enabled devices up to 5 km away.
  • Connect to any PC, Raspberry Pi, Rock, BeagleBone, or any microcontroller for easy integration into your existing system.
  • Experience superior performance with the spread spectrum technology that ensures anti-interference and longer transmission distance.
  • Save power with the low power consumption design, making it ideal for remote and battery-powered applications.
  • Choose from different frequency bands (433/868/915 MHz) to suit your specific needs.
  • Get the reliability and ease of use you need with LoRa Dongle's exceptional features and design.
  • LoRa Dongle - Connect Beyond Boundaries and experience reliable, long-range wireless communication like never before.

USB to LoRa Dongle can be used in a wide range of applications that require long-range wireless communication. Here are a few examples:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): LoRa Dongle can be used in IoT applications to connect sensors, devices, and other equipment wirelessly over long distances. This makes it ideal for smart city applications, smart agriculture, and industrial IoT applications.
  • Remote Monitoring: LoRa Dongle can be used for remote monitoring of equipment and machinery. It can transmit data over long distances, making it ideal for monitoring environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure.
  • Asset Tracking: LoRa Dongle can be used for asset tracking in a variety of industries, including logistics, transportation, and warehousing. It can help track the location of vehicles, containers, and other assets in real time.
  • Smart Home Automation: LoRa Dongle can be used to connect various smart devices in a home or building. It can enable communication between sensors, security systems, lighting, and HVAC systems over long distances.
  • Emergency Services: LoRa Dongle can be used by emergency services to create a communication network in remote or hard-to-reach areas. It can be used to transmit critical information, such as location and status updates, during natural disasters, search and rescue missions, and other emergency situations.


Box Content

  • 1 x USB to LoRa Dongle
  • 1 x Antenna

  • Note: Please confirm the local supported LoRa band before placing an order.


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