1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT

1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT

1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT For Raspberry Pi is an alternative to RoundyPi and RoundyFi, and this is currently available on Kickstarter, This device is a great item for those who are interested in electronics to investigate and are also been heavily used in industries, I know nobody asked *the* Question but it has to be answered why we chose Round LCD in place of Rectangle or any other shape, So, the answer is these Round LCDs are more Versatile than other LCDs shapes available in the market in forms of Smartwatch or fitness watches, But there are no HATs that are available with Round Touch LCD.

We decided to launch something unique in its own field. The Touch LCD HAT package includes a Full Touch LCDTouch Panel, and a Joystick for various actions. This display comes with a Micro Round Touch Display of 240*240-Pixel Color, And an IPS TFT panel with a wide- Panorama view angle, supports 4K/ 66K/262K Colours and it has a panel of GC9A01A controller(is a 262,144-color single-chip SOC driver for a-TFT liquid crystal display with a resolution of 240RGBx240 dots). Our product is easy to use and functions with five-way joysticks to move around the various actions.

The display operates by navigating pictures by using a Joystick. In addition to the joystick, the Captive Touch Panel ICU(CST816S) or the Touch Driver works as a helping hand of the LCD Display panel to navigate the images and pictures with a high-speed 8-bit MCU core and an embedded DSP circuit.

This device is used in many areas whether in Home Automation, or weather forecasting and many more.

For more details visit the 1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT official Page. We also provide all types of customization, if you need any, we are happy to offer it.


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