A Small Handheld System Harkens Back To PDAs Era

A Small Handheld System Harkens Back To PDAs Era

This is an Arduino- based PDA recall back to that Era of PDAs but with much more accessible part lists.“PDAs” were Personal Digital Assistants, these were small handheld computers also known as Palmtops or Handheld PCs.This build is based around Arduino Nano with an OLED screen and has five necessary functions:

  • Calculator
  • Stopwatch
  • Games
  • Phonebook
  • Calendar

 With all these on a single small microcomputer the memory became an important point to worry about when accessing default libraries, but there is also a solution to this {Danko} uses his own custom libraries so that there is a smooth functioning of it that can take place, this device uses Custom PCB which helps them to keep the entire Palmtops pocket-sized.

There are some other features as well that are been packed in this pocket-sized computer like a breakout game that can be played with a potentiometer, this makes the best and as much use of microcontrollers possible to its full potential this device makes it possible.

And if you are someone who enjoys projects where Microcontrollers are been used this could be a medium and if it is a Pc that you are using one should take a look at this Arduino to build with its own command-line interface.


via hackaday


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