Breadboard Breakout for Raspberry Pi and Micro:bit : What you need to know

Breadboard Breakout for Raspberry Pi and Micro:bit : What you need to know

If you are an electronic products enthusiast then BreadBoard is useful for you to test an early version of a product in the form of a prototype. The Breadboard Breakout is our latest addition to the advanced technological products that helps the user to plug a BBC micro:bit and Raspberry Pi into a standard 2.54mm pitch breadboard. The breadboard needs two 11 way pin headers to establish the connection.

Features of Micro:bit Breadboard Breakout 

  • The micro:bit slots into the on-board edge connector.
  • This breakout board plugs straight across the middle slot of a standard 2.54 mm pitch breadboard.
  • The micro:bits pins are broken out to 2 x 11 way header pins.
  • No need for jumper wire to connect from the header pins to the Breadboard.
  • No need of other tools or soldering required for installation.
  • Micro:bit breadboard breakout prototyping made easy.

Breadboard Breakout for BBC micro:bit

Features of Raspberry Pi BreadBoard Breakout

  • Easy GPIO Identification from fully labelled silkscreen
  • Advanced designed to plug directly into the Pi's GPIO
  • Switched 5V & 3.3V Power Lines with On/Off Indicator LEDs
  • 10mm long Header Pins 
  • Uses SMT Socket Header & 20x2 Pin Extra Tall
  • No Soldering Required

Breadboard Breakout for Raspberry Pi


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